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Who doesn't love a fresh baked cookie? The aroma, crunch on the edge and that soft chewy center. The whole idea is reminiscent of our childhood. But, nowadays, we need something delicious and healthy, but on the go. EVERYDAY EATS offers just what we need. The health benefits and the convenience are key. These cookies pack a nutritious punch and are a perfect compliment to the health conscious consumer. Bottom line is....EVERYDAY EATS offers the best tasting cookie, bar none


My name is Sarah

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Personal Trainer, I live the talk and walk the walk. I thrive on a gluten free, organic, plant-based diet and love to create and share healthy recipes. But, my personal journey and struggles with an underlying condition has been  a driving force and the motivator that has inspired me to become a health coach. This is my "WHY". This is why I am so passionate about helping others live their best life.


At just 3 months old, I underwent several medical procedures, routinely took laxatives and other medications and continued to live a life of worry and stress for years to come. I missed social events, felt physically and mentally exhausted and continued to experience gut pain and felt bloated most of the time.


I began to experiment with food, set new fitness goals and made other lifestyle changes. With these changes, the process of healing myself began. I saw, first hand, how healthy lifestyle choices can make a difference and improve overall well-being. I hope to be an inspiration for others to make changes that will  create a better and healthier life.


It may sound a bit cliché, but we truly are what we eat. Our bodies crave nutritious food. My cookies are wholesome, clean and gluten free. Time spent preparing them to share with friends and family, has been like sharing a warm hug! And well...who doesn’t love a hug? So go ahead and enjoy every bite.....they are truly made from my heart.

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