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Do you get confused with all the beauty claims out there? Well, who wouldn't be confused with great marketing and false claims. The bottom line is to choose simple, clean products. If they have ingredients that you would put IN your body, then they are good enough to put ON your body! 

I enjoy using these products and feel good about recommending them to you! Our bodies crave nutrients on the inside and on the outside! I love products that are clean, organic, sustainable, non-GMO, cruelty free, gluten free, 

plant-based, wholesome, clean and gluten free. I absolutely feel great using products that are created by women and, in some way, give back to charitable causes! So, go ahead, click on a few products and give your body what it craves........ a little self-care for your body and soul!


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Face/Body Care


Pantry and Kitchen


Clearstem (15% off)



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Good Reads

Building Serum Hair Serum for Curly Hair.png

Hair Care

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Athletic Essentials

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Great Deals!


AquaGear Water Filtration (10% Off)

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